Blog: Breaking ‘Catch 22′

Breaking the experience ‘Catch 22′ of Graduate recruitment

Graduates with no experience can mean no jobs

The recruitment of graduates can be a difficult process for the graduate and for the employer.

So what’s happening?

The average cost of recruitment is £5,000 so it should be no surprise employers take the whole process very seriously. The interview process is designed to reduce their risk of making a mistake so there’s often several interview stages, tests and role play – all in a bid to filter down to the best candidate. Where many employers struggle is with graduate ‘experience’

– how do you get experience if you need experience to get a job? Hence the ‘catch 22′.Catch-22_brocken

At BCi digital we have a solid track record of working with young people, including graduates, even if there’s an experience gap. Experience is important as is demonstrates delivery but there’s another way to explore this and help people build up real client experiences with us over time. We have a simple approach;


With this process we select candidates most suited to the opportunity and take them through an induction/preparation process that provides a real base for entering their chosen career.

About BCi digital

We’re a Portsmouth based business with international clients. We’re specialists in the delivery of innovation technology and methodologies to Broadcast, Telecoms and Internet sectors.


Mark Hooper – BCi digital

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