AMS ware is our broadcast data flow solution.  We adopt a plug and play building block approach

  • Metadata based workflows
  • Central Message bus (ESB)
  • Functionally configurable
  • Highly scalable

Message driven Architecture

AMS_motionKey is the message driven architecture built around an industry standard bus. This means systems can very easily be built to suit exacting customer needs and yet remain flexible and scalable to meet just about any unforeseen future requirements.

Inherent in this design is the ability to interface to a host of third party tools and have excellent reporting and system management.

Unique Insights

As a leading systems integrator and consultancy service  for broadcast related systems we have unique insights into the operational requirements of real production asset management systems. Utilizing this knowledge we’ve built, from the ground up, our own AMSWare solution. The two most important points guiding our design have been the following:

1. We’ve seen the failings of other (often very expensive) asset management systems actually in production.
2. Our system takes into consideration the REAL needs of our broadcast clients

BCi AMSware is a flexible toolset and set of reference designs used for building workflow solutions in the Asset Management Systems space. The product is of particular use in the Broadcast and Content Delivery sectors where customers frequently have a need to process large amounts of content for a number of broadcast related purposes such as linear transmission, ingest into a CMS, QA, CA, DRM, transcode and distribution. AMSWare facilitates the building of workflow based solutions that support these types of operations and allows easy customization of these flows as needs change.

In a nutshell:

  • Best of breed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation using the MuleSoft platform (as used in many large scale deployments around the world)
  • The message-driven architecture is implemented on the well-established Apache ActiveMQ JMS implementation.
  • This offers good performance and stability as well as interoperability with other systems.
  • It is by virtue of its loosely-coupled message-driven nature, allows for good scalability and
  • resilience through the use of clustered servers.
  • It ships with many ready-made adapters to industry standard tools and subsystems such as transcoders, QC servers, encoders and decoders.
  • This facilitates the easy exploitation of these tools’ services in AMSWare workflows.
  • The AMSWare adapters provide a simple to use interface to these services in AMSWare flows.
  • AMSWare ships with tools and schemata allowing the translation of many industry-standard (and other) metadata definitions into common formats for use in workflows.
  • AMSWare ships with a number of reference implementations showcasing the use of this technology in typical broadcast content-processing scenarios.
  • These examples can be used as the basis for building customized solutions for specific customer needs.
  • AMSWare ships with a number of template components for dashboard functionality.
  • This can be customized to provide focused relevant information on system health and throughput.
  • BCi will work with the customer supplying consultation and support to build a customized solution based on this technology

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