We call our Transcoder Chameleon. It has the capability to transform any assets to new ones for any target device. Designed, built and tested at BCi from the ground up, it benefits from years of BCi broadcast experience. This means it meets the needs, ease of use and scalability of any demanding customer.

Built on our own internal Asset Management System, AMSware, it benefits from a fully managed and easy to use workflow solution.


We offer two versions. A stand alone solution installed on a single server machine, and a Gold Enterprise version running over multiple machines and built to client requirements. Both solutions are easily managed and operated via a management portal and a user / job submission portal.


Chameleon understands realms. A realm is a transcoding resource that can be allocated to a specific user. For example, if a user has certain jobs he/or she must do on a regular basis this can guarantee that some other user doesn’t take up all the resource at a particular time. A realm can be allocated to a particular user, or can be set to automatic. In which case it is available to any user on a first come first served basis.


A node is an instance of a transcoder. A realm can be allocated one or more nodes at system configuration.

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Our workflow backbone is centred on a best of breed Enterprise Service Bus. This facilitates the integration of meta data, asset management and transcoder essence input and output files. Input files are carefully checked to make sure they contain all required data formats prior to being put together (of multiple inputs) to produce the desired output.


Not only are individual jobs carefully managed, but the complete system is also monitored for health and usage. As the system is operated, it can be seen if the usage trend is going up, and if so the client can take steps to upgrade and so avoid future resource issues at possible critical times.

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